Aparnaa Laxmi Singh

कॅरोना को है जो हराना तो वैक्सीन व मास्क है लगाना! #maskupIndia #stopthethirdwave #Womennovatorformasks #masks #Streelogues

Stuti Agarwal

Please don't take corona lightly, wear your mask always. #maskupindia

Sajida Nadeem

Mask UP to make Third wave DOWN

Vinita Bhatia

Stay vigilant now and avoid the 3rd wave of COVID ! Stay masked at all times when stepping out or even when in physical distance with others #maskupindia

Ruchi Soneja

Kindly Wear mask after Vaccination.

Seema Mishra

“If our Government of India will run this national awareness campaign, then those who do not vaccinate will start getting the vaccine and our country will be successful in defeating Corona. #VaccineHesita... #MaskUpIndia


Let's spread awarness to protect everyone from third wave of covid 19. #MaskUPIndia #Safelifewearmask


WEAR A MASK, My Mask Protects You and Your Mask Protects Me #MaskUpIndia


Corona Harega India Jitega ✊✌️, COVID-19 threatens our health. Isolates us from family and friends...... Support Poor & Helpless people 🙏🙏

Rima Kohli

Maintain Social Distancing, Get Vaccinated ASAP, Wear Masks as *Sustainance is our Prime Concern* #MaskupIndia

Reena Agarwal

Wear a mask to do your task safely # MaskUpIndia

Shevata Rai Talwar

Please, do kindly mask up . Let’s prevent , avoid the third deadly mutant wave of COVID . We alone can you do ! You , me , us !

Shruti Dua

Great effort to make people aware..

Jasleen Kapany

Please mark up to make sure recovery number and safety is up

Richa Rajput

मास्क पहन कर रखिए, खुद की नही दूसरों की ज़िंदगी भी आपके ही हाथ में है. #maskupindia

Sanjeev Dev Malik

Your mask helps protect those around you MaskUpIndia


Dont forget to wear mask #MaskUpIndia #staysafe #MaskUpIndia

Vandy mehra

Mask is mandatory For others as well as for self A simple habit of wearing a mask can save ALL of us from the third wave💕 Womennovator

Kavita Bhawnani

Mask is safety plus we r looking smart in colourfull masks and no difference between black human n white all looking one .cheer with mask.i love to wear mask. #MaskupIndia


Take Vaccine MaskupIndia

Ankita Mathur

Together we can fight and win. #womennovator #maskupindia

Sombir Kodaan

Always wear Mask at public place

Anju handa

Stop third wave wear mask #maskupindia

Ashish Batta

Please wear mask, we together can stop the third wave of deadly virus #Maskup India#

Rajshri Jain

Stay safe #wear a mask

Ruchiekka Krishnani

Stay Safe … Mask up India #maskupindia #ruchiekkakrishnani

Dr Angela khanna

Each one of us holds full responsibility to wave off third wave Do ur part first Follow SOP #covid prevention and mitigation Protect ur nation

Rajnnee N Aneja

Let’s Mass Up to Mask up ! Let’s join hands to stop the third wave. #Let’sMassuptoMaskup

priyanka kaushik

Let's fight together against covid !! Please get vaccinated...encourage others to get vaccination too. Maskup guys !! We together can win this battle 💪🙌


We can fight this #Maskup

Shahwar Shohrat

Lets show love n care for all by wearing mask. I wear to save you, you should also wear to save me and those u love. Together we can make the difference and create world which is more safe and secure. #Maskup

shinky malik

Let's cover to protect our loved ones

Jayashri jain

I wear my mask to protect you and I thank you for your wear mask to protect me and others.❤

Bhavna Bajaj

Don’t forget you mask

Parvinder Kaur

Stop III Wave Mask Up #Maskupindia#stopIIIwave#EkPrayasSwasthBharat

Simmi Puri

Mask Up. Together We Can prevent Covid3.0 #MaskUpIndia